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Kansas FAIR Plan
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Increase in Coverage

If improvements have been made to increase the market value, submit a list of the improvements or a new real estate appraisal.

Decrease in Coverage

Advise a specific reason for the decrease and/or submit an updated real estate appraisal.

Change in Mailing


Advise if the change affects the occupancy of the dwelling. For example, previously owner occupied and now changing to tenant or vacant.

Deletion of Condition


Submit a written request that outlines specifically what work was done to correct each condition that would warrant reevaluation and possible deletion of the condition charges on a pro rata basis. If possible, submit photos to confirm the conditions have been corrected.

All Other Changes

Advise a specific reason for the change.


All requests are subject to FAIR Plan guidelines and, if acceptable, will be effective the day after the request is received or at a later date if requested.