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Kansas FAIR Plan
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Any insurance agent licensed in the State of Kansas to write property and casualty insurance may submit applications to the FAIR Plan.


  Agents do not have binding authority.


  The FAIR Plan has no agents. The use of the term "agent" does not grant any contractual relationship either real or implied, between the FAIR Plan and any individual or entity.


  No agent or broker may sign any form as an authorized representative of the FAIR Plan.


  No agent or broker may issue a policy, binder, endorsement, cancellation notice, or any other form, nor assign any loss, on behalf of the FAIR Plan.


  Any licensed property and casualty insurance agent or broker is acting as the designated representative of the applicant or insured, and not as an agent of the FAIR Plan. 


  Agents are responsible for explaining all forms and coverages to their insureds. Insureds should not be referred to the FAIR Plan office for explanations. 


  Agents will receive a 10% commission from the FAIR Plan. 


  The agent's commission will be paid after the premium is paid by the insured and the inspection of the property has been completed. Agent’s monthly commission statements will be sent at the end of each month settling that month’s commission activity. 


  An agent must notify the FAIR Plan office when any agent or agency changes occur. 


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